Netflix Original Shows Worth Watching

Netflix Original Shows Worth Watching

Quarantine has given me A LOT of free time. Unfortunately, not all of it has been super productive. In fact, maybe only 5% of my free time has actually been productive, and the rest I’ve spent catching up on Netflix shows.

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite shows to watch on Netflix, in no particular order.

Umbrella Academy

I pretty much watched the whole season in one day (I mean night…). This show keeps you hooked and gripped the whole time and honestly, I cannot wait for the second season. I would recommend this to anyone who loves sci-fi, mixed with drama and romance and action. It has something for everyone.

Once you understand and learn what is happening after the first couple of episodes, it presents great plots with the many likable and interesting characters, with their backstories that provide multiple plot twists in the season.

Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched this show yet… well you’re missing out. The star cast might be led by pre-teens, but this show is great for all ages. Another science fiction show mixed with drama, romance, action, and characters that you just end up loving and rooting for. The plot line is great and gets interesting with every season. It’s another show that I’ve binged in a matter of days.

I love seeing the characters grow up and mature as the seasons go on – this doesn’t only go for the kids on the show, but the parents and young adults as well. We see character development for pretty much every character on the show, kind of making it seem as we go on the journey with them. Not only are the characters great, but the plot and visual greatness of this show is what makes it so stellar.

The Witcher

My boyfriend recommended this show and I definitely did not think I would like this show as much as I did. We binged this show together in one Saturday evening and we were begging for more once we finished. Needless to say, this might be the one show I definitely need a second season for – ASAP. If you like enchantresses, magical creatures, drama, and adventure, you will love this show. Now, this definitely isn’t a family friendly show, so I wouldn’t watch this in front of conservative parents or children due to the sexual content, nudity and profanity in the show. Overall it’s a great adaption of the book, and Henry Cavill did an amazing job as the main character.


YOU is surprisingly a great show – despite it being a show glorifying stalkers and “what not to do when you’re in love”. The show follows a serial stalker and his point of view in falling in love with a girl he met and how he manages to wriggle his way into her life. While I hope this never happens to any girl in the real world, this show is amazing and has you on the edge of its seat. The second season is just as amazing and has a great plot twist at the end that had me quite shook. Each episode is a mini thrill ride – and the series is the whole dang amusement park.


Another show where I was genuinely surprised of how great it was. While being set in the early 1900’s, it highlighted a lot of social issues, which we still face today – inequality, POC representation in the industry, LGBT community, and more. It ties all these issues in an intriguing way and has you hooked from finish to end. A true feel-gppd show set in a glistening time of history, a dreamland of a location and romantically brought to life through some fantastic character, all of which are played brilliantly.

Best Foundations for Dry Skin

Best Foundations for Dry Skin

The current state of my skin is just….. I don’t want to talk about it. It’s been dry for as long as I can remember and chugging a gallon of water every day doesn’t really help me with the flakiness and tightness of my skin… (though it does help to clear any acne).

I’ve tried many-a-foundations to see which one works the best on my skin when I am in peak dryness. The best ones of course are light and water based foundations. Personally, I hate anything super heavy on the face. I can just feel my skin ready to flake off at the end of the day. I stick light-medium coverage foundations, which have worked best for me.

Here are my top 5 favorite foundations:

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

$46 – Sephora

Okay… I know…. my top favorite is on the pricey side. But let me tell you how amazing this foundation is! I was skeptical at first, when I kept hearing about how good this foundation was on dry skin. I swooped on over to Sephora and got a sample of the foundation before I spent all the money on it. As soon as that beauty blender touched my face and graced my skin with Armani, I knew I had to buy it.

Not only did I not see any dry patches all day, but this makes you glow like a Fenty Model. This foundation gives you that natural glow that I don’t usually get due to my dry skin and it just feels like nothing is on your face. It blends amazingly and actually has some great coverage as well.

I’ve layered up on this foundation to get more coverage for special events, and it did not cake up or flake after a few hours. If you’re going to splurge on a foundation, I definitely suggest spending your money on this one (or at least getting a sample from Sephora!).

Maybelline FIT Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation

$5.39 – Target

I have probably gone through about 10 bottles of this foundation. This has been a staple in my foundation collection since it was launched and it has never disappointed me. If I am being very honest, I would tie this with the Giorgio Armani foundation. It works just as well and brings the same amount of coverage for a lower price.

My skin glows like a Fenty model here as well. I love using this foundation for every day use – where as Armani definitely gets the special occasion treatment, given the price. The Maybelline Fit Me is a STEAL for the quality of product you are getting.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

$47 – Sephora

This foundation is amazing for every day use as well, and it looks so natural. The ingredients in this foundation helps to moisturize your skin as well, so this one deserves a big plus. This foundation is definitely more on the lighter coverage side (as it is SHEER), which is great for hot summer days if you like to wear foundation.

I don’t like layering this one too much because sometimes I find the coverage to be patchy, and sometimes it works perfectly fine. But overall this is a great foundation and the glow is REAL.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

$42 – Sephora

Before I favorited Giorgio Armani, this was by far my most favorite foundation. This one foundation worked great on my light days and my heavy makeup days. The coverage buildup on this is incredible and I never once felt super cakey in this, which is surprising for a more heavier coverage foundation.

I definitely recommend this if you’re looking to get a heavy coverage foundation – again if you’re hesitant to buy the full product before knowing how it’s going to work on your skin, definitely get a sample from Sephora before splurging.

PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Anti-Pollution Foundation

$5.99 – Target

This foundation definitely surprised me. When this first came to market, I heard mixed reviews about it. However, since it is drugstore, I thought I would try it since it wasn’t too expensive.

Needless to say, this foundation worked really well for me. It blended effortlessly into my skin, and it felt super moisturizing as well. Bonus points since it is oil-free and fragrance-free, but minus points for shade range.

If your face is still dry… make sure you are:

– Exfoliating your skin 1-2 a week to get rid if any dead skin sitting on your face. This will help with smoother application of the foundation.

– Make sure you’re prepping your skin with moisturizer and hydrating primers. This helps not only to give your skin that much needed moisture, but also preps your skin for smooth application, and acts as a barrier between your skin and foundation.

– Use the right tools! In my experience, a beauty sponge works so much better than a makeup brush. I find that the bristles on the brush pull away at my skin, causing it to flakes, whereas a sponge is a lot gentler.

– Mist, mist, mist! Try using a hydrating mist before and after application! This helps to amp up that glow.